What Geographers have said...

Simply put, geography is our future. When we look at any issue with the balance and scrutiny that geographical study offers, we move beyond the media hype or political spin. Geography allows us to see the world more clearly.
(Tom Biebrach)

Geography is important to me because it is so relevant and opens your eyes to the world I live in.
(Mark Storey)

Geography is important because we are all geography.

Geography is important, because it opens our eyes; a landscape is no longer a static feature, but a complex battleground of physical and human interactions. Local is no longer local, but a collision point for the interaction of many 'locals' drawn from a global stage. With technology increasingly drawing the world closer together, it is important that the role of Geography in helping the public in understanding this complex and unpredictable world is championed! (Tony Cassidy)

Geography brings us all down to Earth. It gives other subjects a sense of place. We create our geography, and yet we are affected by geography.
Geography, it's a world thing.

(Terry Portch)

Geography makes you see the world from the inside out and the outside in.  It helps you figure out weather and whether you're more or less or in between. 
(Indra Sinon)

Peoples' interactions with each other and the planet are becoming more pronounced and complex. We are also realising more and more what a wonderful place it is. How can we NOT have a subject that teaches about where we live and about how we relate to places. So many kids (not all admittedly) love geography, simply because it teaches them about this amazing place we live in and many will retain this knowledge forever. How many people can remember how to do long division and how many remember their rainforest lessons? Geography is a wonderful and fully academic subject, needed more now than ever.
(William Heaton)

Geography is important because we've got the whole world in our hands!
(Karen Mulvey)

Geography is everywhere !!
(Elaine Batty)

Geography is important because we are inextricably linked to the world we live in. We can only live on this planet with a knowledge of how it works and a commitment to respect it.

Geography is important because it allows us to understand the world we live in and make independent, informed decisions using this understanding.
(Paul Goodstadt)

Geography helps us think more intelligently about ourselves, how to live and the futures that we may need to face. It succeeds in doing this because as a subject it holds things together, in place, across the physical and human domains. It helps us understand the significance of scale and connectedness.
(David Lambert)

Geography is important because it's the subject that links the world, history, citizenship, science and much much more!
(Suzanne Ward)

I love Geography because it's everywhere.

Geography matters - the planet will still be here when the politicians are long gone.
(Ken Grocott)

Geography is everywhere and everything.

I love Geography because it is life.

Geography is important because without it we will never overcome the serious global issues that we face today - and tomorrow.  Geography knowledge is POWER!
(Simon Beevers)

It has it's feet in the ground and it's head in the clouds.
(Valerie Banks)

In a world where green issues, and a need to learn about the world to increase understanding of current affairs are so important, it is silly that the subject which is the obvious vehicle to deliver and discuss these is being ignored.  Does the media really want to see a better place???  Delivering responsible messages about the world in a responsible way is surely the way forward.  (Anon)

Always entertain the idea that it might be Geography.
(Andrew Boardman)

I love Geography because without it, where would we be ?
(David Allan)

Geography means the world to me!!!
(Gemma Pullen)

Geography is everywhere, so everyone should know about it.

Geography is the what of where. It is vitally important for understanding the world around us. Geographers question the world and seek to understand it, they explain why things are where they are. No other subject at school links so many factors together as one. Geographers learn vital skills like map reading, problem solving, decision making. They learn to link scientific factors alongside sociological, psychological and historical reasons for why the world is as it is. Geography is on the news everyday, from war in the middle east, to closing of factories in the midlands, to farming subsidy arguments in Brussels, to global climate change the list in endless.
(Francesca Carter)

In an increasingly globalised world the importance of appreciating variation and difference is something geographers are passionate about.
(Steve Wyn Williams)

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